We deliver prototypes and small series from original material


take-it-original for smooth production of your plastic components

About Us

take-it-original is a business-unit of IMPETUS Plastics Engineering GmbH for the delivery of near-series prototypes and small series from steel tools within a very short time.

Ensuring the start of production with prototypes

The take-it-original concept is used to produce prototypes that ensure the best possible start to production from the technical and commercial point of view with “original parts”. This is possible with prototypes which are already manufactured in the same way as series production and produced with the selected series material in a steel tool. Any weak points in the tool or component can be detected in advance and expensive changes in the series production can be avoided.

Small series for individualized products

The increasing individualisation of products increasingly leads to the production of small batches. The take-it-original offers our customers well priced and qualitatively interesting prototypes.

Bridging the time until start of production

Sometimes our customers need a production start-up tool to bridge the time until the start of production or when a series tool has failed. Here, too, we can offer a solution at short notice with the take-it-original concept.