Plastic prototypes & small series for functional tests

Use of injection moulded prototypes

Depending on the prototype requirements and test environment, the product developer has to decide how close his prototype components must be to the series production.

Highest level of closeness to series production

If a high degree of near-series production is required, it has proved successful to select the materials and manufacturing processes used in the series component, such as the injection moulding process, for the prototypes as well. This also applies, for example, when mechanical loads or more difficult installation conditions have to be tested. In addition, serial tools can be ensured in the best possible way.


When do injection-moulded prototypes pay off?

Prototypes that are produced in 3D printing certainly have their place when it comes to checking the design or testing simple functions. But if mechanical tests are required or if the tool concept for series production is to be tested, injection moulded prototypes made from steel tools offer the best protection.

We deliver premium prototypes from steel tool inserts within only 4 weeks.

Which functional tests are suitable for injection-moulded prototypes?


– mechanical tests
– complex assembly tests
– endurance tests
– field tests
– vibration tests
– leak tests